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Equation solver

Date Added: 2018-12-18
Genres : Skills
Description: Equation solver or equation calculator is not only a game is a real solver equation systems with one, two, three or four unknowns.
Instruction: Unknown Coefficients must be fixed-float numbers. For example, the numbers are correctly written: 3 1.1 0.123 .0001 -2 -4.002 -.2309 etc. The name of an (unknown) variable begins with a letter and can optionally continue with letters, numbers, or the _ sign. The variable's name is Case sensitive (small letters are treated in large letters). For example, the v1 variable is different from the variable V1; The variables i3 and I3 are different. The decimal separator is mandatory the point (.) (And not the "," as in Romanian). The free term is mandatory to the right of the sign of equality (=). For example, the x = y equation must be written x-y = 0. Analog equation x-2y + 1 = 0 is written x-2y = -1Script admits white spaces anywhere and anywhere on a turn. The format required for an equation is: [±] [number] [*] variable ± [number] [*] variable ... ± [number] [*] variable = [±]     All that is written in square brackets [] may be missing. The absence of the [±] sign is interpreted as +.     A missing number (at the beginning of any member of the equation) is interpreted as 1 (one).     The * sign is optional. It has the meaning of multiplication operation in most programming languages.     If the * sign is present, then the number (coefficient) preceding it must be mandatory.

Game Controls: Mouse and keyboard.

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