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Raze 2 hacked

Date Added: 2018-06-24
Genres : Action
Description: Play Raze 2 hacked game with cool upgrades and awesome credits to purchase great upgrades.Incresed credits, decresed credits to purchase upgrades and much more.
Instruction: In the year 2109, earth has become extremely overpopulated, and so murder is no longer a crime when committed with good reason. Attempts at colonizing on other planets have failed thus far, but progress is being made. Earth was undergoing World War 3 at the time of Alien invasion. The invasion however, caused the war to quickly end, with all nations fighting together to survive the alien onslaught All robots used during the war had to be reprogrammed to target Aliens and Zombies instead. Many robots were outdated and had to be destroyed. It is uncertain if the Aliens always had the technology to raise the dead, or if they created it recently as a counter to our robots. A Robot may be a statistically better soldier than a human, but they lack the conditional strategy and intuition that only a human can provide. Zombies are in no means smart, but it's their endurance and persistance that make them worthy opponents. All human soldiers are genetically enhanced to compete on the same level as the Aliens, Robots, and Zombies. The aliens are smart, agile, and powerful. Humens would be no match without their enhancements and robotic assistance. Although the pistol is the default weapon, it packs a powerful punch, especially with headshots. Don't underestimate it. The Sniper is a 1 hit kill with a headshot to any enemy without armor. The Thundergun has a very low ammo clip and fire rate, but it shoots through multiple enemies. Try to save your shots for when multiple enemies are in a line, then let them have it! The assault rifle puts out a good balance of power and speed. It can down enemies farily quickly in the right hands. The Bio Uzi's have splash damage, capable of damaging multiple enemies at once. But be careful, it will also damage you if you're too close. Don't let the small range of the Zapper fool you, it has an incredible rate of fire, and can kill enemies very quickly. The Flame Shotgun may be lethal at close range, but at about 25 feet the bullets burn up and do no damage. Not only can the grenade launcher be used to set traps for opponents, but the grenades it shoots can also be stuck onto the opponents for extra damage and a guarenteed hit. If you get stuck by a grenade from the grenade launcher, run over to the opponent that shot it, chances are you'll take him out as well with his own grenade. The Ice Chaingun is most effectively used by spraying any area with bullets. It has a very high recoil, so close to medium range works best. The Rocket Launcher is always a 1 hit kill on direct shots. But opponents may live through the splash damage. It also has a small ammo capacity, so aim wisely.

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