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Strike force heroes 2 hacked

Date Added: 2018-06-16
Genres : 2player,Boys,Skills,Action,Hacked
Description: Play the hacked game called Strike force heroes 2.In this version of Strike force heroes 2 hacked 1.8 was hacked:stats achievements, was increased ammo,decrease killstrikes, decrease kills, increase health , decreses captures flags and much more, The money could not be hacked,if they be hacked will be more easy to arrive to 50 level, now you can easilly pass through the levels.Enjoy the real Strike force heroes 2 hacked.
Instruction: All tips below, read it carefully to get maximum of or campaignes. You can win extremely powerful weapons from the Slot Machine! Camos can only be unlocked through the slot machine. The Shop resets with new items after every match. Attachments work with certain weapon types. Make sure not to get the wrong one! Each item can be Broken, Rusted, Normal, Refined, Flawless, or Perfect. Perfect weapons have unique modifiers, such as Elemental ammo, or Improved critical chance. Broken and Rusted items are lower quality than usual, and have lower stats. Refined and Flawless items are higher quality than usual, and have higher stats. Higher level items are much more powerful than their lower level versions. Some Armors offer less armor, but unique effects, such as more ammo or regeneration. The Engineer is great for medium range assaults. The Mercenary works best on his own. The General has excellent team supportive killstreaks. The Sniper is excellent at long range, but very vulnerable to damage. The Juggernaut is a true powerhouse at close range. Right mouse click works during fights, you can configure it in the options. Any EXP you get in game, will give you 5x that much as Funds! Capturing objectives will give Exp and Funds! If a match is too difficult, try with a different Soldier or Weapon type. Enemies are randomized. A hard match may become easier after a few tries. Armor will protect your Soldier until it breaks. It will respawn when your Soldier does. After 3 seconds of not being hit, your Soldier automatically starts regenerating health. Replay the game on harder difficulties to level up your Soldiers further! This game auto-saves everything you do. Leave and come back any time! All weapons feel slightly different. Find the one best for you! You can Backup your save files in the save selection menu. Fire will heavily damage enemies over a short period. Acid will lightly damage enemies over a long period. Freezing enemies heavily lowers their attack speed. Electrocuting enemies lowers their damage output.

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